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San Roque: a Movie Destination

Due to its beautiful landscape, mountains, excellent climate, diverse architecture and many other reasons, San Roque has been chosen on many occasions by major production companies to shoot films, TV series and commercials on location.

Pescando millones

“Pescando millones” (Produced by Trefilms in 1959) was a comedy directed by Manuel Mur Oti. Starring Tomás Blanco, Manolo Codeso, Katia Loritz, Diana Maggi, Ismael Merlo, Santos, Tomás Zori. Script by Camilo Baz, Manuel Murillo and Mur Muti. Music by Casimiro García Morcillo. Photography by Godofredo Pacheco. In a coastal area (Estepona) three friends “fish” a submarine and encouraged by the authorities, they travel to Madrid with the aim of selling it to Navy and becoming millionaires. There is a train scene which was filmed at Estación de San Roque, where they were seen off by band. It was shot in San Roque as there was no railway station in Estepona.

The Running Man

Starting with feature film The Running Man, a movie directed by the Oscar-winning director Carol Reed and starring some of the most well-known actors of their time, Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick and Alan Bates, among others. The town of San Roque was chosen as a location in the summer of 1962. The main location was the present day Bar Torres, near the Alameda, which was turned into a mock hotel.

Curro Jiménez

Later a very successful Spanish TV series chose the area to film some episodes of Curro Jiménez, the “Bandolero” (bandit). Starring Sancho Gracia as Curro Jiménez, Álvaro de Luna as El Algarrobo, Pepe Sancho as El Estudiante and Francisco Algora as El Fraile (who was killed off in the first season and replaced by Eduardo García as El Gitano.

El Niño

In 2014 the action thriller movie “El Niño” (The Kid) premiered. The story is about drug trafficking. Two young men, El Niño and El Compi decide to go to Gibraltar to enter into the world of drug trafficking. High risk, emotion and lots of money for whoever is willing to take a speed boat full of hashish over the waves without losing their nerve. Jesús & Eva, two anti-drug police officers have spent years trying to prove that one of the main hashish drug routes is also a route to introduce cocaine into Europe. Their target is El Inglés (The Englishman), a man who pulls the strings from Gibraltar, the drug traffickers operational base. The increasing violence of the threats they receive tells them they are on the right track. The movies is starring Jesús Castro, Luis Tosar, Eduard Fernández, Jesús Carroza, Sergi López, Bárbara Lennie, Said Chatiby, Mariam Bachir, Moussa Maaskri, Ian McShane, José Manuel Poga, Juan Motilla.

Women’s Secret Commercial

In 2017 actress and model Amaia Salamanca and the Women’s Secret commercial was shot on location at Torreguadiaro Beach with its privileged scenery, coastline and one of the beach bars.

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Best av de Beste

“Best av de Beste” (Best of the Best) was broadcasted on the most important private Norwegian TV channel, TV2. Ten sportpeople compete, five elite sportsmen and five sportswomen. They compete in different sporting events shot on location in the borough of San Roque.

Queen of Ice

A Norwegian feature film “Queen of Ice” was also shot on location on different roads in Sotogrande. The movie tells the story of an Olympic iceskating champion and actress, Sonja Heine. Directed by Anne Sewitsky.

Yo, mi mujer y mi mujer muerta

“Yo, mi mujer y mi mujer muerta” (Me, my wife and my late wife”) is another feature film which chose Sotogrande as a film location. Directed by Santi Amodeo. Starring Oscar Martínez, Carlos Areces, Ingrid García Jonsson, Malena Solda, Cris Nollet, José Luís Adserías. Bernardo rejects fulfilling is late Spanish wife’s wish, because he thinks it is a crazy idea: scattering her ashes on the Costa del Sol, where she was born and would visit her sister every year. But, after thieves desecrate her tomb, he jumps on a plane and fulfills her wish.

The Dream

British series Living the Dream was mainly shot on location at Pinar del Rey with a few scenes filmed in Sotogrande. Starring Philip Glenister, Lesley Sharp, Rosie Day, Brenock O’Connor, Leslie Jordan, John Crosby, Regina Curtin, Leslie David Baker and others.

Taxi a Gibraltar

Director Alejo Flah chose the village of Campamento to shoot part of the feature film “Taxi a Gibraltar” (Taxi to Gibraltar). Starring Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel, Ingrid García Jonsson, Mona Martínez, José Manuel Poga, José Troncoso.

The Crown

The Crown is a drama in which political rivalry and romance take place during the reign of Elizabeth II and has become the most successful show produced by Netflix in history, at least in economic terms: 130 million dollars. We still have to see what figure it reaches after filming new seasons. The series chose Sotogrande and the Valley of Guadiaro area to shoot on location. The 4th season of this series features an ensemble of famous actors and actresses.

Página Dos

Many TV channels have chosen our municipality to film programmes like “Página Dos” (Page Two) on TVE2, a programme about the world of literature, with interviews of authors, recommendations and books lauched by publishing houses.

Audi spots

Another important brand that also saw the potential of San Roque for its photographic sessions was Audi, who used it for the promotional campaign of the Q8 model.

Ewige Helden

Another TV production from Germany which chose San Roque as a location was EWIGE HELDEN. The show was shot at Cala Sardina Beach and at the San Roque Bullring.

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