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Family Activities

San Roque is an ideal destination for family holidays, its Mediterranean climate allows it to be enjoyed the whole year around. Our municipality offers numerous plans that adapt to people of all ages, economic capacity and tastes. If you like the sea, we recommend beaches featuring splendid beach bars and nautical activities, as well as boat trips and boat parties, kayaking route, whalewatching…

On the other hand, if you like the countryside and nature you can enjoy our nature spots and adventure activities such as rambling, hacks and bicycle routes in the midst of Los Alcornocales Natural Park. For those who love outdoor sport, we have extraordinary golf courses, tennis and padel clubs, and polo grounds.
San Roque also offers history and culture. Through our guided tours you can discover interesting topics such as the Roman world of Carteia, the creative process of religious sculpture with Ortega Brú, cave art at La Horadada cave and get to know part of the bunkers thanks to Second World War tours, among others.
Young ones can discover our borough in a fun way with our superhero Marco Topo and play in the numerous public playgrounds that we have on offer.

Come and wander around our singular streets, typical in the whitewashed villages of Andalusia, in which houses are adorned with large balconies brimming with flowers, in which orange blossom and joyfulness can be felt in every corner.



Marco Topo is an interactive educational exploration game divised for groups of school children and families with children aged from 5 to 12 and who want to go on self-guided tours of tourist destinations, natural resources and museums, making it as fun as possible.

The aim of Marco Topo is to keep young ones interested on cultural tours and allow them to enjoy getting to know cultural heritage.



This is a type of tourism in which the main reason for travelling is to carry out tourism activities in natural areas. This can be contemplating and observing nature such as ecotourism or ecological tourism or activities which entail physical fitness for participants and a certain degree of risk in terms of adventure tourism.

The growth of outdoor sport and leisure activities and their link to tourism is determined by multiple reasons among which we find an increase in leisure time, a need for unpolluted open spaces and the search for adrenaline and risk.

A big advantage of this type of travel is that it offers the chance to discover a place in a different way whilst you do a certain activity. A tourist stops being a mere observer and becomes part of his/her surroundings through sport.

Active tourism includes from participating in a sporting event, riding a mountain bike on a mountain range, discovering the sea bottom whilst snorkelling or going into hidden caves or potholing. All of these activities can be done in natural surroundings.

We are going to do run down of the different activities of this type that can be done in the municipality of San Roque.


It is focused on tourism activities in nature areas and are organised without altering the balance of the environment and without damaging nature.
-Observing fauna and environmental education

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