San Roque

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As the borough of San Roque is large with so many different urban areas, the shopping facilities are scattered all over the municipality. In San Roque town centre there are all kinds of family-run shops, an indoor market and various supermarkets such as Mercadona and Ruiz Galan. The traditional shopping street is General Lacy, also known as “Malaga.”

In the Valley of Guadiaro retailing is mainly condensed in Pueblo Nuevo, Sotogrande Costa and Sotogrande Marina. There are all sorts of traditional shops in Pueblo Nuevo, as well as warehouses and suppliers, particularly in Sierra Bermeja street. Pueblo Nuevo is also where Lidl and Overseas Supermarkets are located. The latter specialised in British food produce.

On the other hand, Sotogrande Costa features the Sotomarket shopping centre, as well as the Supercor and Mercadona Supermarkets. In addition, there are more shops available at Galerias Paniagua. Sotogrande Marina offers two different areas with commercial units, Ribera del Marlin & the old part of the Marina, with all kinds of clothes & accessory shops, as well as estate agencies.

Lastly, in Estación de San Roque and Taraguilla most shops are located on Guadarranque Avenue. There is also a high concentration of furniture shops and warehouses. In Campamento shops are concentrated on Calle Real and there is also a Maxi Dia Supermarket. As far as Puente Mayorga is concerned, apart from traditional shops, there are also Lidl and Saavedra Supermarkets

Turismo San Roque

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